The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction ii: The Door That You Walk Through

Borderless Festival (Nov. 2018): Peterborough Ontario, canada

Artsweek peterborough (Sep 2018): Peterborough Ontario, Canada

The Work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction: the snake the ape and the apple

Winner Best Horror Short, Paris Short Film Festival (May 2018): Paris, France

Winner Best Experimental Short, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (dec 2017): Kolkata , West Bengal, India

Salon Des Refuses, (Nov 2017) Peterborough, On, Canada

Death of the Dreamer

Tableau Vivant, Studio in the attic, Peterborough, On, Canada

Dreams of the Electric City

ReFrame Film Festival (Jan 2017): Peterborough, ON, CAN

Peterborough Arts Week (Sep 2016): Peterborough, ON, CAN


                                                                                                        The Mortal Flame


Kingston International Film (Aug 2015) Festival, Kingston, NY, USA

Fantasia Film Festival (May 2015) Montreal, QC, CAN

The 37th Annual Big Muddy Film Festival (May 2015) Carbondale, Illinois, USA

Start Film Festival (March 2015) Halifax, NS, CAN



                                                                        Liminalia in the House of Fading Memories


Start Film Festival (March 2014): Halifax, NS, CAN

Carbon Arc Cinema, Animation with Love 4 (October 2013), Halifax: NS, CAN

33rd Atlantic Film Festival (September 2013): Halifax, NS, CAN